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CPR Instructor Training

Combine your expertise, knowledge, and passion for educating others with the excellence of CPR Instructor Training and materials and you will make an impact now and for years to come.

BLS Instructor vs. HeartSaver Instructor

There are all kinds of medical certifications out there and understanding the differences between them all can be tricky. Usually, every certification has its own requirements, curriculum, and materials. The AHA offers two different CPR classes that target different professions or types of responders.

BLS stands for Basic Life Support which covers CPR/AED with advanced techniques for team rescuers.

AHA BLS is targeted towards licensed healthcare professionals and healthcare students who are required by their state licensing board or employer to have a CPR certification.

BLS Instructors are given the highest training of a CPR Instructor. As a BLS Instructor, an individual can teach all classes which include:

  • BLS Provider

  • HeartSaver CPR/AED

  • HeartSaver First Aid

  • HeartSaver Bloodborne Pathogens

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What Is a BLS Instructor?

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What Is a HeartSaver Instructor?

HeartSaver course and CPR guidelines are very similar to the AHA BLS course. However, the Heartsaver course does not cover the more advanced and team skill techniques that healthcare providers may use.  To offer classes to these people, HeartSaver instructors need to complete a HeartSaver Instructor course.

The prerequisites to becoming an AHA Heartsaver instructor are:

  • Current American Heart Association AHA HeartSaver Adult, Child, Infant CPR, and First Aid certification card. (must include First Aid) 

  • Completion of the online AHA HeartSaver Instructor Essentials course.

  • Attendance of a HeartSaver instructor course.

  • Be monitored teaching your first class.

In addition to these prerequisites, you’ll also need the following course materials to become an instructor:

  • HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED Instructor Manual.

  • HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED Course Video.

  • HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED Student Manual.

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Helping others make a difference in the lives of total strangers or close family members begins and ends with proper CPR training. Providing that training is a big responsibility but also a tremendous honor.

Help Others

Save a Life


Gain a Competitive Advantage

Working as a CPR instructor will also enhance your leadership skills and your communication skills, as you learn to build a rapport with diverse groups of people. Leadership and communication are skills that every employer values, regardless of the industry or the profession.

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Be a Certified CPR Instructor

Getting trained in first aid and CPR are the most important things you can do to help ensure the life of someone suffering from a medical emergency. At Health Street, there are various formats and courses offered, including in-person, group, and online certification courses. Getting trained in first aid and CPR can make a difference in the lives around you.

If you are looking to make extra income, start your own business, or need an In-house CPR instructor, we offer CPR Instructor training classes. 

Become a CPR Instructor!

Becoming a CPR instructor involves more than just obtaining your CPR instructor certification. Though, that was a crucial and necessary step. But now, you’ll have to determine how and where you’ll teach and how and where you’ll find students.

During CPR Instructor training we provide the core of what your need to know to be an American Heart Association instructor from teaching skills, AHA guidelines, and proper procedures. 

  • Instructor Manuals

  • DVDs

  • Sample Student Workbooks

  • No hidden charges!


We are accepting applications for new instructors and we facilitate CPR Instructor Training Classes every day at our location in Laurel, Maryland. You can become an AHA CPR instructor in just a few easy steps, so first contact us to get you started. 

Once you complete your CPR Instructor Training,
you will be able to teach:

BLS for Healthcare Provider


First Aid

Bloodborne Pathogens

Friends and Family

Blended Courses and Skills Testing

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